Female Canadian Personal Finance Blogs

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Female Canadian Personal Finance Blogs

Everyone Has a Story

When I first started thinking about creating a blog I was super intimidated.  I had read a lot of great blogs from some excellent writers and thought that I could never compare to them.  I had a serious case of imposter syndrome.

Then I realized something, I didn’t have to compare to them.  I was not competing with other blogs.  Nobody could tell my story better than I could. And there are people out there that may relate to me, my story and how I share information.

Stories are proven to increase understanding of information and help to build relationships.  By telling my story I hope to help spread the information that I have learned along my journey.  When I read other people’s blogs I feel more connected to the writer through their stories.

Canadian Personal Finance Blog Deep Dive

My blog identifies as both a personal finance blog and mommy blog.  My observations of mommy blogs is a story for another time.

As I dove deeper down the personal finance rabbit hole I started to notice a few things. One, there is a lot of American specific content but not as much Canadian.  Two, there are a lot of male written blogs as well as some female written ones. And three, everyone’s story, although about personal finance, was unique to them.

Although none of the personal finance blogs are written by someone in the exact same position as me, I can personally relate to all the mom’s out there writing about money.

The Inspiration

Inspired by Angela at Tread Lightly Retire Early, I’ve decided to compile a list of Female Canadian Personal Finance Bloggers.  Some of these ladies are mommas and some are not.  But all of them use their blog platform to share their story and knowledge related to personal finance.

There are a lot of great male bloggers out there too when it comes to Canadian personal finance content.  But sometimes women just deal with money differently.  We need a community in which we can share our stories and relate to each other.

If you are not following these wonderful women, check out their blogs.  You may find something that resonates with you.

The List

Smile & Conquer

Sarah is a millennial living in Edmonton who works in finance and blogs as a creative outlet to share her knowledge.  Her writing is very approachable and full of actionable tips.

Fun Fact – Sarah is an avid Edmonton Oilers fan.

Mixed Up Money

Alyssa is an award-winning blogger and momma to a little girl.  She works from home and shares her tips and tricks for navigating that.  She chronicles her journey with a focus on multiple streams of income.

Fun Fact – Alyssa just announced that she has written a book – super excited for her for this!


GYM is a long-time blogger based out of Vancouver and momma to 2 little ones.  There is a ton of useful Canadian content on this blog, both in the personal finance realm and in the momma/parenting realm.

Fun Fact – GYM was the creator of one of the top Canadian personal finance blogs: Young and Thrifty.

Eat Sleep Breath FI

Chrissy is a stay at home mom in Vancouver who is writing about her journey to FI.  Some of the highlights of what she writes about are financial independence, frugality, and homestays.

Fun Fact – Chrissy also has a Podcast titled ExploreFI Canada.

Money After Graduation

Bridgette Casey is the founder and CEO of Money After Graduation.  This is a blog that I was unaware of before researching for this list.  That doesn’t mean it is a new blog.  Money After Graduation is full of lots of relevant easy to read content with a focus on paying down debt, saving money and increasing income.

Fun Fact – Bridgette Casey is a single mom to a sweet daughter.

Money in Your Tea

Money in Your Tea is a newer blog full of Canadian content. Kari is sharing her journey as a new blogger and has lot of great tips and tricks for saving and earning money.

Fun Fact – Money in Your Tea is named after something Kari’s grandmother used to say.

Half Banked

I was first introduced to Desirae Odjick of Half Banked through the Canadian Financial Summit.  Although I am not yet a regular reader of her blog, it keeps coming up for me.  I think this is the universe telling me I really need to read Desirae’s content.

Fun Fact – Desirae is a huge lover of dogs (and who isn’t for how cute they are:)

Jessica Moorhouse

Jessica Moorhouse was one of the first blogs that I was introduced written by a woman on Canadian topics.  She has expanded her blog and has a podcast as well (Mo’ Money Podcast) and has recently expanded again into the YouTube domain.

Fun Fact – Jessica is an Accredited Financial Counselor.

Modest Millionaires

Miss Mod Mil is an anonymous blogger in Quebec.  I was first introduced to her content through a course that we were both taking together this summer.  She writes about how she transitioned to being able to work from home at her job and shares a lot of her personal finance numbers.

Fun Fact – Miss Mod writes her blog in both English and French. 

Freedom 101

Freedom 101 is a blog written by both Mike & Phia, although from what I can tell Phia writes the majority of the posts. I love that the focus of Freedom 101 is on the importance of time and not just money. Mike & Phia has also achieved financial independence so they add a unique voice to the Canadian view of this.

Fun Fact – Phia is a former ice hockey player who moved away from home at 15 to play. She even traveled to Australia to play ice hockey for Team Australia.

Modern FImily

Modern FImily is a blog that keeps appearing for me. I think that is probably because of the quality of content that Court publishes. She is also super active on Instagram and within the FI community. Court and Nic share their story as an LGBTQ+ family who has achieved financial independence.

Fun Fact – Court is a dual citizen (both Canadian and American).

Casual Money Talk

Casual Money Talk is Flora Pang’s blog where she documents her journey towards financial independence. She is is very open and transparent on her blog about her goals and all her numbers. If you like looking behind the scenes and knowing someone’s expenses and net worth then check out Flora’s blog.

Fun Fact – Flora speaks 3 languages and is an avid true-crime podcast listener.

Looking for Canadian personal finance content from a female's perspective? Look no further. This is a list of female Canadian personal finance blogs to follow.  Who's story do you relate to? #canadianpersonalfinance #handfulofthoughts

Final Thoughts

Compiling this list has exposed me to some new blogs.  And made me realize that a lot of the female Canadian bloggers I’m aware of are millennials just like me.  This may be one of the reasons I’m attracted to their stories and content.

Reading all of these blogs has inspired me; these ladies can write!  I am humbled by their content and hope to add to the conversation as a new member of the Canadian personal finance community.

I am happy to see how long this list is, but I’m sure I have missed some.  If you know of a blog that should be on this list, please send me an email and let me know.  I will continually keep this list updated.  

We all have a story to share and finding a message or a situation that is similar to our own personal one can be very motivating.

My goal in sharing this list is that it is a place where everyone can find someone that they can relate to.  Personal finance isn’t all that difficult of a concept, but it is exactly that, personal.  There is no one size fits all solution to any money concept.

All of the bloggers that I have had any form of interaction with have been so amazing and supportive.  Take some time to go check out their blogs and read their content.

What about you? What is a takeaway you have gotten from one of these blogs?

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention! 🙂

    1. Maria says:

      Thank you for all your great content. When I was pregnant, your content kept appearing for me and I found it so useful.

  2. Nice list! Just curious, are there any Canadian female writers representing the prairies? Manitoba or Saskatchewan? If you know of any, I’d love if you could share a link!

    1. Hi Moneymaaster, I’m in Alberta but I don’t know of anyone currently in Manitoba or Saskatchewan. If I learn of anyone I will add them to the list.

  3. You have to add Courtney from Modern FImily to your list ! Bridget is shaking Alberta to its core on twitter and Chrissy is one of the sweetest bloggers I have met 🙂

    1. Yes, absolutely Courtney will get added. I’m planning on updating in the new year. Have a few new (to me) blogs to add.

  4. I found your blog following more financial blogs on twitter. I’ve personally started my blog and youtube channel. Wasn’t sure what I was going to write or vlog about then things in my personal life made me search for help.

    1. Thanks for reaching out, I love learning about new Canadian personal finance blogs.

  5. Thanks so much for including us!!

    1. Maria says:

      Thanks, Phia for all the great content you are creating. I love following along on your journey.

  6. I love this! I’ll definitely be checking out these blogs. Thanks for sharing Maria.

    Although I’m an Australian, I feel more like a Canadian blogger as I’ve been living in Toronto, Canada since I started the blog!

    1. Maria says:

      Thanks for stopping by Michelle. Do you write about Canadian personal finance content? If so, let’s connect.

  7. Great list! I can’t wait to check all of these ladies out!

    1. Maria says:

      Yes, there are some amazing writers here. Lots of different voices all from a female perspective.

  8. Thanks so much for including me in this list of amazing female money bloggers!

    1. Thanks for all the great content you’re producing Kari. I’m always learning something new when I read your blog.

  9. Awesome post, Maria! It’s so true that everyone’s story is different. I have also noticed a lot of American content but not enough Canadian. I’m starting to see more Canadian bloggers though. It’s important because American taxes, healthcare, and accounts are so different. Good point! I also love this list. I know most but there are a few new ones to check out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey RTC, glad I could introduce you to some new Canadian content. I know what you mean about there being a lot of American content. Slowly the voices are diversifying, including the Canadian content which I think is awesome. This list keeps getting longer and longer, hopefully, there is something here for everyone.

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