Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Mothers

There are a lot of companies that offer free baby stuff for expecting mothers. I suggest signing up for everything you can before baby arrives. If there is one thing people go crazy over its babies. There are so many programs and benefits out there for new mommas and new babies.    You can get a lot of free information and products just by signing up for various loyalty programs.  

Bonus tip– if you don’t want to get bombarded by emails, set up a dedicated email just for this purpose.

Motherhood Maternity – Perks Savings Program

  • Offers discounts on purchases – in store & online
  • Free samples and exclusive products
  • Partners with various other baby friendly companies too such as buybuyBABY, shutterfly and enfamil
  • This was a program that I signed up for and received some benefit from. If you are planning on using formula this program was great. I received some great samples and coupons of formula from Enfamil (a partner in this program). I only breastfed my little one so I donated the formula to the local food bank.
  • Notable freebies/coupons – baby formula – free samples and awesome coupons.
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The Baby Box Company

  • Offers great education throughout your little one’s milestones
  • Earn rewards for participating in various educational courses led by medical professionals
  • Go through the online “course” and then sign up to pick up your baby box
  • This was one of the best things I signed up for– saved me having to buy a bassinet. My baby box came with a bunch of useful things inside (& was free!!).  Our little one loved the baby box for sleeping and it made traveling with her really easy. I just packed all her stuff in it and took it with me everywhere.  She slept in it until she was 4 months old and we transitioned her into a crib. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this program – can’t say enough good things about it.
  • Notable freebies/coupons – baby box for infant sleeping, safe sleep sack
  • UPDATE – Sadly this program has changed no longer operates how it used to.

  • Free program to join
  • Regular sweepstakes that you can enter
  • Perks and savings for being a member
  • Family One took over the BabyBox brand but doesn’t offer free baby boxes anymore.  It’s slightly confusing
  • Notable freebies/coupons – save up to 35% off of a rental vehicle.

Huggies Rewards

  • Easy to use app on your phone or can use desktop version
  • 500 points on sign up
  • Points can be traded in for sweepstakes (draws) or for various products
  • Collect points on Huggies diapers and wipes
  • I signed up and then used the 500 points to enter various sweepstakes.  As I didn’t use Huggies brand diapers or wipes I never collected anymore points. This would be a good program if you are planning on using Huggies.
  • Notable freebies/coupons – ability to enter into sweepstakes (and win free baby stuff) just for signing up.

Pampers Rewards

  • 500 points on sign up
  • Best used as an app on your phone
  • Points can be traded in for sweepstakes (draws) or for various products
  • Update – Pampers now offers cashback offers periodically through it’s app when you scan eligible codes.
  • Collect points on Pampers diapers and wipes
  • I used the Pampers Pure line of diapers with our little one. I was diligent in scanning in the points code with every new case of diapers. The scanning was easy to do and saved me from having to type in the multi digit code. The points per package varied extremely. I was often emailed double or triple points “coupons” to use when I scanned in a code. Sometimes the “coupons” worked, sometimes they didn’t.
  • Notable freebies/coupons – Lots of personalized baby stuff and various gift card options of varying denominations.

London Drugs

  • Free Welcome Baby Package upon sign up
  • One time sign up and then you just have to go into a London Drugs to pick up the welcome package full of various samples of baby products
  • I signed up for this program and was very disappointed. Every London Drugs store I went into (and there were multiple stores I tried) was always out of these. Not sure if this is a new program or not, or there were just issues in my city but London Drugs has some kinks to work out to make it beneficial.
  • Notable freebies/coupons – I can’t say from personal experience (see above) but from the picture on the website it looks like this package includes a lot of samples.

Buy Buy Baby

  • Creating a gift registry at Buy Buy Baby has a few benefits:
    • Free Goody Bag
    • 15% off the remaining items on your gift registry
  • Sign up for email from Buy Buy Baby and they will send you monthly 20% off coupons
  • Bonus tip – Bed Bath & Beyond coupons can also be used here for 20% a single item (although many brand names are excluded)
  • As I never registered for our little one I did not use the Buy Buy Baby registry. I did however sign up for the email list and found the coupons extremely useful. Pro tip – if you are looking for a video monitor, Motorola is one of the few brands this coupon can be used on. If nothing else I definitely recommend signing up for the email coupons.
  • Notable freebies/coupons – 20% off a single item – monthly email coupon

Babies ‘R’ Us

  • Creating a gift registry at Babies ‘R’ Us has a few benefits
    • Extended return/exchange window
    • Savings coupons
    • Swag bag on sign-up
    • Lots of information
  • As I never registered for our little one I did not use the Babies ‘R’ Us registry. I did find the staff at Babies ‘R’ Us to be very knowledgeable anytime I went into the store looking for something. Babies ‘R’ Us also has an annual BabyFest event with lots of information, product demos and sales
  • Notable freebies/coupons – I think the extended return/exchange window is very useful. Depending on the timing of your baby shower you may not be able to exchange/return things right away.


  • Creating a gift registry with Amazon has a few benefits
    • 365-day returns
    • Can be used as a universal registry – not just for products listed on Amazon
    • If you’re an Amazon Prime member you will receive a free gift once $25 is purchased from your registry
    • Amazon Prime members receive 15% off to complete their registry (non-Prime members are eligible for a 10% discount)
  • I never created a registry for either of my little ones. But if you are an Amazon lover creating a baby registry with them has some nice benefits for you.
  • Notable freebies/coupons – The ability to create a universal registry is an advantage of the Amazon baby registry.  You can make one big list of people as opposed to having them visit multiple websites.


  • Creating a gift registry with Indigo has a few benefits
    • 90-day return window
    • Completion discount of 20%
    • Free IndigoBaby memory book
  • There are a few conditions that need to be met to qualify for the IndigoBaby registry benefits.
    • Registry can be open for 60 days prior to the birth of your little one and for up to 180 days after
    • You must be a Plum member (free to sign up)
    • Baby registry must be open for a minimum of 14 days, must have 15 unique items on it, and $50 of purchased goods is required to receive the free memory book.
    • IndigoBaby is another program that rewards you for creating your baby registry with them.  Although I do not have any personal experience with this program, I am a big fan of buying books for babies and children in general.
  • Notable freebies/coupons – IndigoBaby memory book

Sobey’s Baby Be Healthy

  • Includes a free pharmacist consult which can add peace of mind knowing that you are only taking vitamins, supplements, and medications that are safe for the baby.
  • Free prenatal vitamins for the duration of your pregnancy.
  • I didn’t know about this program when I was pregnant with either of my little ones, but I wish I had. I think that this is a great program from Sobey’s that fills a health need for expectant moms.
  • Notable freebies/coupons – prenatal vitamins
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Final Thoughts

Besides signing up for all the freebies there are also other ways you can save money with your upcoming little one. I really tried to be mindful with all the things I signed up for prior to the arrival of my little one.  

Remember, just because something is free doesn’t mean that you need it.  Anytime I received something I didn’t need I made sure to donate it to someone who needed or could use it.

What are some of the loyalty programs you signed up for as an expecting momma?

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