Women Can Money Summit 2023 – All the Details

Last year I achieved my big scary goal and hosted the inaugural Women Can Money Virtual Summit. And although I didn’t hit my over-ambitious goals for the summit, it was still hugely successful.

So this year, I decided to make some changes (upgrades) and host the Women Can Money Virtual Summit again for the second year. 

In response to audience feedback, this year’s summit is all about investing. There are sessions for beginners, investors already on their journey, and advanced investors looking to uplevel their portfolios.

Keep reading for all of the details for this year’s summit.

Why the Women Can Money Summit?

I’ve participated in and attended a few online summits over the years, and to be honest, I was disappointed with the representation of Canadian women as speakers.  There are some amazingly smart Canadian women when it comes to personal finance, so why weren’t they represented in these summits?

And through the speaker outreach, for now, two summits, I’ve learned about so many more Canadian women content creators in the personal finance space than I knew about a few years ago.

So, two years ago, I decided to create my own summit to provide a safe space for Canadian women to learn about personal finance from other Canadian women.  There is no mansplaining and no 401k talk.

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What is the Women Can Money Summit?

The Women Can Money Summit is an online event that has 15 Canadian women as speakers.  Being a virtual event, you can watch the speakers from your couch in your comfy clothes. Or at work on your lunch break.

Each presentation is under 45 minutes and full of actionable information to help you feel more empowered with your money.  Every presentation has something to do with investing.  And this year, there is a mix of interview and presentation-style sessions.

There is something for every investor in this year’s summit.

When is the Women Can Money Summit?

This year’s Women Can Money Virtual Summit is May 10 – 12, 2023 with a bonus kick-off call on May 9, 2023.

Who is the host for this year’s summit?

Yours truly is the host. And if I’m being honest, I was totally fangirling while I was connecting with every speaker.  These ladies are all super intelligent, and some I have been following and learning from over the past few years.

Get Your Free Ticket to the Women Can Money Virtual Summit

Who are the speakers for this year’s Women Can Money Summit?

This year’s summit features 15 speakers.  Here are the speakers, topics, and schedule for this year’s summit:

May 10, 2023

  • Eduek Brooks – How To Build an Investment Portfolio that Withstands Volatility
  • Michelle Robertson – Financial Advisor vs. Robo-Advisor – How Do You Choose?
  • Mel Dorion – Know Exactly How Much You Can Invest Comfortably
  • Michelle Hung – Planning for Retirement 
  • Julie Ducloux – Maximizing Returns and Minimizing Risk: The Art of Asset Allocation and Portfolio Rebalancing

May 11, 2023

  • Court Brown – Why Fees Matter When It Comes to Your Investments
  • Stephanie Wolfe – Building an ETF Portfolio for the DIY Investor
  • Maria Smith – 5 Ways to Invest in Real Estate
  • Barkha Rani – How To Analyze Growth Stocks
  • Charmie Galang – Are REITs Better Than Real Estate? 

May 12, 2023

  • Renee Hamilton – Be the Master of Your Mortgage
  • Jolie Viguers – Investing and the Trauma of Money 
  • Melissa – My Top 10 Favourite Dividend Stocks
  • Tracy Ma – Option Selling for the Savvy Investor: Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Gains
  • Wendy Verwey – Vote With Your Dollars – How To Find and Invest in Companies That Fit Your Values

Get Your Free Ticket to the Women Can Money Virtual Summit

Graphic showing headshots of all 15 speakers for the 2023 Women Can Money Summit.

What’s New This Year?

I learned a lot hosting my first summit last year. And this year, I’ve made some improvements to the summit with you in mind.

First, every night at 7 pm MDT, I will host a live daily recap and Q & A session. This is your chance to get your questions answered, share your takeaways, or just hang out with like-minded individuals.  And some special guests are lined up to join me on the live daily recaps.

The next big addition this year is to the VIP All Access Pass. I totally get that 3 days is a short time to consume a bunch of information. And sure, you will probably take notes (or not). But life is busy, and the most important action and implementation steps are often forgotten.

So this year, the VIP All Access Pass includes ongoing support for the next year.  There will be monthly check-ins and quarterly workshops to help you on your investing and money journey for more than just the 3 days of the summit.

Is the Summit Really Free?

Yes, the Women Can Money Summit is 100% free.  With your free ticket, you get access to 15 expert speaker sessions.  Each day the videos will be released at 6 am MDT and will be available for 48 hours.  After 48 hours, the videos disappear.

Everyone who has signed up for a free ticket will receive a daily email with all of that day’s video links as well as how they can win that day’s daily giveaway.

If you want lifetime video access (and thousands of dollars of bonuses), you can upgrade to the VIP All Access Pass.

Get Your Free Ticket to the Women Can Money Virtual Summit

What is the VIP All Access Pass?

The VIP All Access Pass is the paid upgraded ticket. 

It includes lifetime access to all of the videos so that you don’t have to worry about missing a thing, detailed notes for each session so that you don’t have to take your own notes, a private podcast of every session so that you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want, monthly check-ins to help you on your money journey throughout the next year, and quarterly workshops – the learning doesn’t stop when the summit ends..

What Bonuses Come with the VIP All Access Pass?

On top of the upgrades listed above, the VIP All Access Pass also comes with premium speaker bonuses. Even if you just take advantage of one of these bonuses, it will more than pay for your upgraded ticket.

And there’s a special bonus for all of you fast action-takers.  Anyone who signs up for the Women Can Money Summit before the summit begins on May 10th will get a free 1 hour 1:1 with me and are entered to win one of three $100 cash prizes. You could get paid to buy the VIP All Access Pass – how awesome is that?!

Here is a list of the other premium speaker bonuses included

  • 1:1 Portfolio Audit and Strategy Session with the Sassy Investor Michelle Hung
  • 30-minute 1:1 Consultation with Wendy Verwey
  • Ultimate Guide to Canada’s Tax-Advantaged Accounts Workshop from Financial Nirvana Mama
  • Mindful Spending Workshop from Modest Millionaires
  • Money Mindset Workshop: How To Build a Better Relationship with Your Money & Workbook from Wolfe Collective Wealth
  • 6 Months Paid Newsletter Subscription from Our Life Financial
  • Ultimate REIT Checklist & Guide from Charmie & Cie
  • Rental Property Analyzer from Handful of Thoughts (yours truly)
  • Money Savvy Toolkit from Handful of Thoughts (yours truly)

Get Your Free Ticket to the Women Can Money Virtual Summit

Is the VIP All Access Pass Worth It?

In a word, yes, and I’m not just biased because I’m hosting the event.

The total value of the VIP All Access Pass with everything included is over $2000. But the pass is only available to purchase until the end of the summit.

Even if you just take advantage of one of the premium speaker bonuses included, it will more than pay for your VIP All Access Pass.

I could be charging more for the VIP All Access pass, and I know that some summits do.  But I care more that women get this information than they feel uncomfortable spending a lot of money, or maybe even money they can’t afford.

I don’t know any other deal out there anywhere that you can spend $97 to get $2000 worth of value.  But don’t procrastinate on upgrading your ticket if that’s your thing because once the summit ends, the pass will no longer be available.

And if you really want to get the best bang for your buck, why not upgrade your ticket before the summit starts to be entered to win $100?

How to Get the Most out of the Women Can Money Summit?

The Women Can Money Summit includes a ton of information.  Here are a few steps to help you get the most out of the summit

  1. Register for your free ticket
  2. Check out the schedule and determine your daily must-see interviews
  3. Schedule some time each day to watch the videos before they expire

To get the very most out of the Women Can Money Summit, upgrade your ticket to the VIP All Access Pass to get lifetime access and to take advantage of all of the premium speaker bonuses.  

Get Your Free Ticket to the Women Can Money Virtual Summit

Final Thoughts

I am so excited for the Women Can Money Summit but also super nervous. Even though I hosted the event last year, I just really want to create an awesome event for Canadian women.

Canadian women deserve their own event to learn about money from other Canadian women.  We don’t want to be talked at. And we need to be included in the conversation.

I truly hope that you get your free ticket and connect with some (or all) of the amazing speakers at this year’s summit.  I’ve learned so much getting their sessions ready for you.  I just know you will get insane value from their talks.

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